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About Us

SHOP@SOULSARA is Your Marketplace for Mental Wellness with curated mental wellness products and services.

The core values of SOULSARA are creating a community that is Matriarchal, Inclusive and Non Denominational and they are translated to SHOP@SOULSARA by promoting and supporting Women Owned Small Businesses working with Sustainable and Planet Positive products, to provide comprehensive and holistic Mental Wellness support to the community.

How is SHOP@SOULSARA Different?

a. Global Marketplace for Mental Wellness

We dedicate ourselves to the Mental Wellbeing and Balance for our zeitgeist and our aim is to build a Community which is Loving, Inclusive, Matriarchal, Non-Denominational. In pursuit of our aim, we also provide curated Mental Wellness products and services to our Global Community through SHOP@SOULSARA, the ecommerce arm of SOULSARA.

b. PLANET Positive Impact

In keeping with our ethos and values we are mindful of promoting the following:

  1. Women Owned/Operated Businesses
  2. Small Businesses
  3. Environment Friendly Products and Processes
  4. Planet Positive Impact

c. Community Propelled Initiative

You can refer others to purchase products, use services, subscribe to the ecosystem, download the Soulwala Apps. When anyone uses your Referral Code to Subscribe, they join under your Subscriber Network Tree. All the purchases happening in your tree will earn you SoulPoints/ Cash. These SoulPoints can be used to purchase products at SHOP@SOULSARA or can be redeemed every Three months.

SARA talks about the Products

SHOP@SOULSARA has environmentally friendly and sustainable products curated for your need.

SARA talks about the Services

SHOP@SOULSARA has created categories for mental wellness services and offers you worldwide exposure to our global team of therapists and guides.

Our Categories

Offered Products

  1. Organic Planet Positive Clothing & Accessories
    • Clothing
    • Accessories
  2. Herbal Supplements & Superfoods
    • Superfoods
    • Supplement
  3. Yoga Accessories
  4. Herbal Cosmetics and Make-up
    • Herbal Cosmetics
      • Skin Care
        • Soaps and Cleansers
        • Moisturizers
        • Lotions
        • Creams
        • Butters
        • Body Oils
        • Exfoliants
        • Facial Masks
        • Body Wraps
        • Bath Additives
        • Bath Salts
        • Bath Bombs
        • Bath Oils
      • Hair Care
        • Shampoos
        • Conditioners
        • Rinses
        • Styling Agents
        • Hair Growth Stimulators
      • Age Defying
      • Hygiene Products
        • Deodorants
        • Body Powders
        • Mouth Washes/Rinses
      • Personal Medicinal
        • Cut and Wound Cleansers
        • Expectorants
        • Balms
        • Salves
        • Poultices
      • Massage
        • Massage Oils
        • Massage Balms
    • Herbal make-up
      • Face
        • Primer
        • Foundation
        • Concealer
        • Face Powder & Compact
        • Blush
        • Highlighter
      • Eye
        • Kajal
        • Mascara
        • Eye Liner Kohl
      • Lips
        • Lipstick
        • Lip Liner
        • Lip Gloss
        • Lip Balm
  5. Aroma Products
    • Personal Fragrancing
      • Natural Perfumes
      • Body Mists
    • Room Fragrancing
      • Diffuser Blends
      • Room Mists
      • Linen Sprays
    • Household Cleaning
      • Laundry Cleaners
      • Dish Soaps
      • Furniture Polishes
      • Disinfectants
      • Surface Cleaners
    • Naturopathy
  6. Art & Books
    • Art
    • Books
  7. Light, Color & Sound Products
    • Light Healing Products
    • Color Healing Products
    • Sound Healing Products

Offered Services

  1. Psychologist, Counselor & Coach
    • Clinical Psychologist
    • Spiritual Counselor
    • Relationship / Marriage Counselor
    • Adolescent Counselor
    • Grief Counselor
    • Wellness/ Life Coach
  2. Yoga / Meditation
    • Yoga Trainer
    • Meditation Facilitator
  3. Healing
    • Individual Healing
      • Past Life Regression
      • Pranic Healing
      • Hypnotherapy
      • Crystal Healing
      • Shamanic Reading
      • Angelic Healing
      • Akashic Record Reading
      • Art Therapy
      • Color & Light Therapy
      • Sound Therapy
    • Family Healing
      • Family Constellation
      • Functional Family Therapy
      • Supportive Family Therapy
    • Built Environment Healing
      • Vastu
      • Biogeometry
      • Dowser & Geomancy
      • Color & Light Therapy
      • Sound Therapy
  4. Nutritionist/ Dietician
  5. Traditional Medicine
    • Homeopathy
    • Ayurveda
    • Unani
    • Naturopathy
  6. Anti Age Therapy

What's in it for you?

You can be part of an Inclusive, Matriarchal and Non-denominational Community that supports you on your path to balance and mind-body harmony.

When you buy a product or use a service from SHOP@SOULSARA you are not only getting a curated mental wellness product/service but also contribute towards Women Owned Small Businesses working with Sustainable and Planet Positive products.