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Empower Your Self-Help Journey.
Connect With Your Intuitive Self.
Scientifically Proven Tools & Methods
Localized Support & Self-Help Tools
Connect Anonymously With Mental Wellness Support Groups
Get Your True Potential To Work For You
Curated Content For Mental Wellness
Discovers & Unleashes Potentialities For A Better You
Restore & Balance Mental Wellbeing

Shop@SOULSARA has environmentally friendly and sustainable products curated for your need.


How is SHOP@SOULSARA Different?

GLOBAL MARKETPLACE for Mental Wellness

We dedicate ourselves to the Mental Wellbeing and Balance for our zeitgeist and our aim is to build a Community which is Loving, Inclusive, Matriarchal, Non Denominational. In pursuit of our aim, we also provide curated Mental Wellness products and services to our Global Community through Shop@SOULSARA, the ecommerce arm of SOULSARA.

PLANET Positive Impact

In keeping with our ethos and values we are mindful of promoting the following :

  1. Women Owned/Operated Businesses
  2. Small Businesses
  3. Environment Friendly Products and Processes
  4. Planet Positive Impact

REFER & EARN (Community Propelled Initiative)

You can refer others to purchase products, use services, subscribe to the ecosystem, download the Soulwala Apps. When anyone uses your Referral Code to Subscribe, they join under your Subscriber Network Tree. All the purchases happening in your tree will earn you SoulPoints/ Cash. These SoulPoints can be used to purchase products at Shop@SOULSARA or can be redeemed every Three months.